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Intuitive Soul Path Sessions: Guidance for Your Authentic Journey

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Intuitive Soul Path Sessions are created to guide you on your most authentic journey.

Whether your quest is regarding relationships, a new direction in life, sexuality, awakening the wild woman or man, or spiritual grounding, I offer safe space to explore and tap into your inner wisdom.

It is my belief that we are the designers of our own destiny, and that allowed fertile ground, we can grow into ourselves organically.

Deep down, we know instinctively what is best for us, and as your Intuitive Soul Path Facilitator, I help uncover the truths hidden within your own consciousness. I am your guide on a personal journey, and you remain your own most enlightened teacher.

Tapping into your guides and angels, and receiving information via mine, we embark on a magical journey. Your incarnated story and your commitment to inner growth will be the fuel for your unfolding.

It is my highest honor to be of service.

Half-Hour Intuitive Soul Path Session $65 CDN Schedule Here!

One-Hour Intuitive Soul Path Session $110 CDN Schedule Here!


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I’m just like you. A cosmic soul on a human journey.
On this incredible planet, in this fragile humanity, we can all connect through one truth… life is a mystery.
I’ve been studying the mystery for a very long time… sixty years in fact.