Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~ Lao Tzu

I’m in love with your fire…does that sound strange to you, my love?

The burn of your anger that used to make me pull away is no longer a threat to my tender feminine heart.

What used to sear me about your intensity is now a magnet for my soul.

I’ve grown to love even this part of you, because now I crave everything that’s real.

When I hardly knew myself, I would frown at the way you commanded space; I would hide from your truth; the truth that you so desperately left at my feet while we argued.

You were vulnerable, always vulnerable, always giving all of yourself.

But I was not, and we stood one step up, one step down from each other, your head always a little above mine, looking into the distance, almost giving up hope that I could ever bleed honesty like you did.

I was afraid.

Afraid that you would hate what was raw and unhealed inside me.

Afraid that my scars would appear ugly.

Afraid that if I showed you what had shaped me in the past, that you would run far away.

But it was me who had run away although I appeared to still be at your side.

When you spoke of your passions it exposed all my dead dreams. I’m sorry that I did not listen.

When you spoke of the fierce love you had for me I remained cool and detached.

It took me years but I finally have awoken and I see the wisdom with which you’ve cured me.

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