“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen. ~ Henry David Thoreau

This quote is found in the preface of a wise book entitled ‘The Life You Were Born to Live’ by Dan Millman, author of Way of The Peaceful Warrior.

Dan Millman’s work came to me about ten years ago, while I was browsing a book store searching for a gift for my partner. I read it in its entirety long before I snuck it under the Christmas tree – an act of treason according to my lover, but I just could not help myself.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior made a huge impression on me and when Millman’s new book came out I was first in line.

I’ve always been fascinated by the mathematical order of things within the Universe, and incorporate numerology, astrology and sacred geometry into my search for personal direction.

To quote the back cover of the book, these mysteries and “key spiritual laws help us understand our past, clarify the present and empower your future.” ~
The Life You Were Born to Live, D. Millman.

For too long, humans have imagined themselves separate from the web of planetary life. For me, a study of the nature of things keeps me connected to what’s real in the world, in a most powerful way.

The Life Purpose System and 37 Life Paths described in Millman’s book is something I cannot hope to replicate here but would like to share his method for determining one’s birth number, and to add to it, some meanings of the numbers 1 through 12, which will provide you with a rough framework from which to begin your explorations within.

Indeed, I was inspired by the incredible accuracy of the 37 Life Paths. Also, I was struck by what a magical tapestry is woven between the invisible realms of sacred geometry/numerology and our soul’s journey.

If you’re searching for answers to questions such as authentic (to you) life path, hidden purposes of your relationships, discovering inborn talents and core issues, I encourage you to read this alchemical book.

How To Determine Your Life Path/Birth Number

• Your birth number serves as a guide towards understanding yourself better, it is not meant to be something one becomes stuck on and use as an excuse for avoiding change and spiritual growth.

“We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the paths of life” ~ Carl Jung

“1. Make sure you have an accurate date of birth, and write it out numerically. Millman offers his own as an example, February 22, 1946. Written numerically as 2-22-1946
2. Put a plus sign between each digit, including zeros, then add all the digits to get a sum. In the example of 2-22-1946 this becomes 2+2+2+1+9+4+6=26
3. Put a plus sign between the two digits of the sum. 26= 2+6=8
4. If your sum ends with zero, such as 20, then it becomes 20=2+0=2
5. Write the complete birth number as the original sum followed by the final sum and in this example it is 26/8.” ~ quote; Dan Millman, The Life You Were Born To Live

6. This is your complete Life Path Number – including your birth number according to Millman’s work, and you will need the book now for further reading.

Hopefully you’re not throwing things at the screen right now as I have left you in the position of having to buy a new book, but as promised I will share other insights about your single digit birth number, from the perspective of Sacred Geometry and Numerology.

Just trust me that this is all in the spirit of leading you down a road of self-discovery. So far, everyone to whom I have lent the book has tried to steal it or has immediately purchased one of their own and then several more for their family and friends. It’s mind blowingly accurate.

“At birth, our parents gave us a name, and the universe gave us a number” ~ From, ‘The Life You Were Born to Live’, Dan Millman

Meanings and Mystical Attributes for Numbers 1 through 9.

Another book on my shelf that provides invaluable information is Crop Circles, by Steve and Karen Alexander. Crop Circles, Steve and Karen Alexander

The Sacred Geometry insights below are shared and quoted from their insightful research. { *, denotes quote}

The Number One: Unity, Wholeness, Perfection, Eternity *

Number 1, symbolized by the circle, has no beginning and no end. In sacred geometry, this is the one potentiality from which all else flows

One is associated with the Sun; energy; beginnings, strong will, positivity.

People with this number can be visionaries with great courage and ambition. On the other side, they can tend toward hermit-like behavior, self-indulgence in their pursuits and dreams.

Number One’s tends toward the spiritual, they are dreamers, inventors, philosophers. For people like this, that self-indulgence may seem selfish, but as any deep thinker/creator will tell you, time alone is of the essence.

Number One’s are on a constant search for incorporating the needs of others into their life, not out of a stingy heart, but out of a deep craving to immerse in the unknown.

The Number Two: Division of Unity, The Dyad (Vesica Piscis) *

Number 1 divides into two, it is the beginning of creation, life, much like the egg dividing in the womb. The archetypal rupture, where opposition is birthed, light and dark, good and evil, order and chaos

Two is associated with the Moon; balance; duality; polarity, kindness, the need to choose.

The moon’s influence on Two’s is both a blessing and a struggle, because the moon is a fickle mistress, demanding great emotional input into one’s path, and it can be difficult for relationships to flourish under the constantly changing ebb and flow of Luna’s pull.

Two signifies pairs, whether that is twins, partners or friends. Two’s can be intuitive or psychic and incarnate as Empaths. Balance is key for two’s, in all things, especially emotions and spiritual matters.

The Number Three: Trinity, the Unilateral Triangle. *

Three restores unity to the tension of the dyad (polarity). Three offers a new perspective, such as a judge would between a prosecutor and the defense. Evolution is born from Three.

Three is ruled by Mars; dynamic; active, magical, intuitive, expressive, creative. The tri-fold manifests in the Christian expression of Father, Son and Holy Spirit; body, mind and soul; the three fold flame; past, present and future.

Three’s are often involved in the arts, communication, writing, artistic skills, and adventure.

Engaging, loving and friend magnets, Three’s are at their best when considerate of those around them, while paying close attention to their absolute drive for creating a new world.

The Number Four: Three Dimensional Reality, Depth. *

The shape of 4 is the square; stability, equality, strength. Four represents the building blocks of the Universe –matter, substance, mass and the elements, Air, Earth, Water, Fire. There are also the four directions and four seasons.

Four is ruled by Mercury; stable and grounded.

Carl Jung explained our inner self as quadratic- thinking, feeling, sensing and intuitive.

Mandalas are often quadratic in form. Fours therefore exhibit the qualities of strength, reliability and logic. Four is a grounding number, representing home, roots and finding one’s center.

The Number Five: The Pentagram and the Mystery of Life. *

Five, by its very breath, animates matter into life. Sometimes it is called the Quintessence, or ‘fifth-being’.

Five is prevalent in the natural world; the human form – the head, two arms, 2 legs – is one example, and generates the most important geometrical proportion, the Golden Section and the Fibonacci Sequence.

It is the very secret of life, how nature regenerates with a ‘from within’ order. Cut an apple in half cross-ways and you’ll find the pentagram within.

Five is ruled by Jupiter and is associated with motion and journey which can be physical or spiritual, in general dealing with the mystery of life.

If you are a Five you are probably an unconventional being, who thrives on change, action and adventure. Five need to balance a tendency towards chaos and an insatiable curiosity, with life choices that honor stability.

Sometimes Five’s are accused of having their heads in the stars, but really they are at their best when they are left to their magical tendencies.

The Number Six: The Hexad, Economy and Efficiency, Organization of Living Forms. *

Think of the honeycomb, nature at its most effective, utilizing space and resource without any waste.
As water molecules cool they tighten into hexagonal patterns to form the six sided snowflake. The six-fold molecular structure of ice gives it strength. A wonder of nature indeed.

Six is the number of Venus with elements of love, harmony and truth and sensitivity.

Six’s are caring peacemakers, often the person in a relationship who will quell arguments and seek to understand situations from a place of calm and compassion.

Drawn towards spiritual pursuits, Six is in love with love and tightly bonded unions. They are a good shoulder to lean on, strong, empathetic and delightfully sweet natured.

The Number Seven: The Mysterious Feminine; the Heptagon. *

Seven is represented in the colors of the rainbow, the musical scale, the seven major chakras, and is the number of Spirit.

It is the only number from one to ten that cannot be divided equally into the 360 degrees of the circle. It is an irrational number, dealing with dreams, intuitions, and so, the archetypal symbol of the virginal feminine.

Seven is associated with Saturn; mystery; magic; the esoteric pursuits, the unpredictable, chaos.

After all, too much order can lead to stagnation. Seven bursts forth with hidden meanings and alchemical results. Associate seven people with intellect, spirituality, magic, wisdom, imagination and esoteric studies.

Goddess energy abounds for sevens, men with this number are gifted with a deep sensitivity towards feminine wisdom, creating a strong, conscious, masculine essence.

The Number Eight: The Octagon. *

After the seven notes of the musical scale, there is the octave. The octave is the end and beginning of the scale, a beautiful harmony is born. Eight is about renewal.

Cell mitosis is an eight stage process, the lunar cycle follows eight stages; there is a resonance in the way eight behaves, drawing us towards others or situations that vibrate at the same frequency as us, the octave joining what was and what is to be.

Nature follows a cycle of ends and beginnings where the end of one thing is also the beginning of another.

Eight is associated with Uranus, the world of business, the continuum, success, and wealth.

As with monetary interest, which revolves around the concept of momentum and repetition, Eight’s build their businesses, relationships and other endeavors based upon the principle of repeating successful and determined cycles.

Dependable Eight can struggle with rigidity of thought, and can benefit from listening to others as well as adding pleasurable experiences to their day that have nothing to do with work or amassing material wealth.

The Number Nine: The Ennead, Crossing the Sublime Threshold. *

As with birth, nine is about potential and the highest expression of life.

Nine is associated with the Esoteric, a portal between worlds, and the enneagram – the organizing principles of the personality.

Nine is ruled by Neptune; the world of attainment and the highly attuned, outwardly vibrating frequencies, influence and the culmination of the numbers before it.

Nine people are manifestors, creators, experts at making real what for the rest of us could stay an inward journey.

Nine is kind, introspective and full of ideas that will come forth no matter what.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” ~ Martha Graham

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this brief journey into sacred geometry, birth numbers, planets, and mysticism.

You may also wish to research about 10 (the collective), 11 (the beginning of the master sequence of numbers, governing the visionary state of mind) and 12 which is a mystery unto itself (the constellations, measurements, the solar year) but suffice it to say that we have explored some of what lies mysterious and yet so obvious within our existence.




Crop Circles, Steve and Karen Alexander

The Life You Were Born to Live