Do we truly know where Hillary Clinton’s political allegiances lie?

I’ve always admired Ms. Clinton for her women’s rights voice, and her tenacity within the political arena. Indeed, I have looked up to her.

I want to jump up and down and cheer for her reach toward political greatness, but cannot.

Today, I received an invitation from SumOfUs to sign a petition asking Ms. Clinton to fire Monsanto lobbyist Jack Crawford from her Iowa state campaign in her run for presidency.

I am not American and so cannot vote in U.S. elections, so why do I care?

I have a soft spot for farmers and this little rock we call Earth. I have been a farmer on a small scale, have participated in local initiatives to set up farmer’s markets, and championed local food movements in my area.

I know what it means to get your hands dirty, eat the produce of my own hard work, and have studied what harm genetically modified organisms (GMOs) bring to the food chain.

I am not an idealist, my eyes are not shut to the suicides of thousands of East Indian farmers who fight a bitter war with Monsanto regarding seed saving, and my heart is not swayed by glossy “GMOs fight world hunger” campaigns.

I call bullsh*t on Monsanto’s grip of agriculture.

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