Gemini is a sun sign that rocked my world with the birth of my first child.

Before that, I had had little to do with knowing who was what and why Sun signs mattered. But there is always that day when new knowledge breaks into one’s life and illuminates a new fork in the road.

A visiting friend took one look in my tiny Elizabeth’s eyes and said, “This is going to be one interesting Gemini.”

“Really?” I muttered, peering closer into my baby’s face. I was intrigued and in the next available moment when I wasn’t covered in baby spit-up or falling asleep on my feet, I looked up what Gemini was all about. And so began a lifelong interest and study in astrology and how it manifests in our daily lives.

Why is it important to understand the influence of the stars, moon and planets on our soul? After all, the whole country of India lives and breathes by these influences…surely there is a need for this knowledge?

I believe that we are inherently connected to all that is, and that the moment of our birth is a pivotal time in history, as is everyone’s birth. We are all part of the tapestry and all of us lend something quite magical to the consciousness.

At the moment of our incarnation to this planet, we are under the influence of a most unique position of our sun sign in the heavens. Just like there will never be another one of us, there will never be an exact celestial moment to witness another birth. How incredibly powerful and mystical.

To know your sign’s characteristics is to understand oneself better. But more importantly, it is to be able to create positive changes in oneself where our sun signs influences bring out the worst in us.

Gemini is a curious match for a Scorpio like me who is thrown off by mercurial behavior. And that is precisely why I was gifted a Gemini child. I have learned and grown by the light of this often maddening sign.

Do you know a Gemini? Are you one yourself? Perhaps this will help.

Gemini: May 22 – June 21

Planet: Ruled by Mercury

Element: Air

Day of the Week: Wednesday – The Old English word for Wednesday was named for the Germanic god Woden. In Romance languages, the name is derived from the Roman god Mercury; for example, Wednesday is Mercredi in French

Color: Yellow

Number: 5, the prevailing number in nature and the arts (look in sacred geometry)

Crystal: Agate

Tarot Card: The Magician

Foods: Carrots, nuts

Gemini is bright, lively, ageless and mercurial. Their outlook is as young as their propensity to appear young, and their curiosity is unbounded.

I love talking to Gemini’s, when they are in the mood for talking that is, as they have unique insights into the world at large and don’t mind sharing their wisdom. Sometimes, though, getting a Gemini to open up is like trying to pry open a clam shell. They will share when they’re good and ready. So stand by.

Personal connections are important to Gemini, and they enjoy this new age of internet communication as it gives them access to the knowledge they seek, but once they’ve had enough of connecting they will shut down and you’ll just have to understand that they’ve not only cut you off, the rest of the world is on hold as well.

Oh so twin like. Oh so frustrating since only yesterday they were full of vim and vigor and today they are looking at you like you’re crazy for wanting more of yesterday’s lightheartedness.

Dear Gemini, perhaps you could inform me when you’ll next be having an interesting change of personality?

Gemini’s planetary influence is Mercury, ruler of communication, and therefore this signs eagerness to exchange ideas, but also it makes for a shifting, fluid outlook. This is lovely as it applies to versatility, but not as useful when twenty projects lie started and unfinished.

“But!” You say…”Sometimes Gemini is so inflexible that there is no room for movement at all. Where is all that liquidity then?” Good question. Just give it some time, change is inevitable in Gemini’s life.

If a project can enrapture a Gemini, it will stand a chance of becoming a lifelong pursuit. If they become bored, then watch the litter of ideas at their feet. I have learned that this is not so bad after all. Gemini is always trying, always experimenting, always looking for something exciting.

Ultimately, as scattered as this appears, it is still forward movement, a curious (as in George) approach to what might stir the soul.

While Gemini might have the idea in their head that they are evenly tempered, the people in their life might view them as moody and emotional. Try mentioning it to them and they will once again think you’re off your gourd. Just relax and go with the flow. It will be your own fault in their estimation if you’re thrown off by their day to day.

Just getting used to Gemini’s latest opinion on some matter? No need to get dogmatic about it, they will have a new point of view tomorrow and call you out for being narrow minded. Just try to keep your temper, it won’t do to fight with Gemini like a boxing hare.

Don’t like their mood? Wait ten minutes. Just like coastal weather patterns, Gemini is like a cloud on an ocean breeze. Blink your eyes and it’s a new sky opening. You’ll never be bored.

On the other side of moody, Gemini is sweet, generous, loving and incredibly supportive. When Gemini feels safe she will love you like no other. Gemini loves to cuddle, share intimacies and sexual adventures.

Speaking of emotions, don’t push Gemini into sharing them if they’re not ready. Tears, withdrawal and frustration will make the usually talkative Gemini appear incapable of communication. Just give them time or perhaps hand them pen and paper. Soft hearted and easily hurt, Gemini would do well with a compassionate partner who does not succumb to anger or loud opinions.

While you’re at it, lover of Gemini, best to keep possessive play to the bedroom, keep your Gemini on a short leash in everyday life and you’ll be wondering where they went and how fast they got there.

Gemini’s are intellectuals. They know stuff. Lots of stuff. Want to keep a Gemini interested, offer educated conversation and be prepared to debate. Share your humor and your laughter and Gemini will be asking for your hand.

If you have any inclinations of being boring, just walk away. Gemini, the twins, is not easily captured unless their mind and imagination is stimulated.

The best work for Gemini is something that keeps them busy and interested…but not too busy! They ping pong back and forth between needing stimulation and rest. Balance, for the twins is key. Too much of anything and Gemini will change their mind and move along.

Money can be an issue, either there is lots or close to none, but Gemini is good at bouncing back from most financial issues. I find Gemini a genius with survival techniques. They always find a way to land feet first if given half a chance.

A Gemini’s health is as mercurial as her interests and motivations. This sun sign rules the chest, hands and arms, so special attention need be paid here.

An interesting fact about Gemini is their sensitive nervous systems. There have been many Gemini’s in my life and this is consistently so. Activities that release nervous tension are recommended, as well as meditation and yoga to re-build what has been spent. Good eating habits are a must. And don’t bother asking them to stay up all night with you. They look like they certainly should be able to, being so youthful and all, but by 1 a.m. they will be snoring soundly.

If you happen to be so fortunate as to have a Gemini in your life, you will find yourself enveloped in their expressive, romantic, sensual light. Keep them happy by reciprocating and not taking too many of their antics to heart.

Gemini loves nature and animals in equal measure and has much tolerance for the changeability of both. People are a bigger challenge, and Gemini needs to feel secure in any relationship.

Gemini hopes you can laugh off any of her foibles with a good pinch of understanding. After all, Mercury leaves little room for predictability.