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I have been using this healthy breast oil for years as part of my personal breast cancer prevention regimen, and I absolutely adore it.

Part of my continued training after becoming a Holistic Nutritionist involved taking a Healthy Breast course with world-renowned Naturopath and cancer activist, Dr. Sat Dharam Kaur, who has written a book called The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer—A Practical Manual For Understanding Prevention and Care.

After taking that course, I began to make and use of this healthy breast oil, alongside other breast care techniques that I will also recommend.

It is lovely to use for massaging the breasts any day, but I also use it when performing my routine breast exam.

The aroma is incredible, and aside from leaving breasts silky soft and fragrant, the essential oils within are especially suited to promoting healthy breast tissue.

While extremely grateful that I myself have not had a brush with breast cancer, I do have several friends who have, and this oil was part of their cancer care regimen. They are cancer free now, thankfully, having taken both alternative and allopathic treatments recommended by their doctors.

The ingredients for this oil are chosen specifically for their properties of clearing long-held emotions, detoxing the liver and supporting healthy lymph nodes and skin.

If unable to use this oil yourself due to surgery or any other reason, one can have it applied by a health professional or a friend/partner until able to return to routine.

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