Full Moon In Gemini and Mercury Retrograde – 03/12/2017

Welcome to the last Full and only Super Moon of 2017!

It is preceded just slightly by Mercury stationing Retrograde in Sagittarius. Heading shortly into the darkest day of the year, Winter Solstice, this cosmic event has pulled me deep into my shadow work.

Now, to be honest, I love doing shadow work. I am a Scorpio after all with many aspects of my chart in Scorpio. Digging around in the darkest corners of my psyche, burrowing in hidden caves of my soul, joyful or painful…that’s my jam. That’s the work I pull together for my soul-advancement and the collective.

But this!

The last two weeks have been the heaviest I have encountered yet, in virtual years. I am buried, surrendered, awoken and viscerally aware of where every inch of pain sits, where life is challenging me like a tsunami wave of demanding opportunities, where my heart bleeds and finally, but not gracefully – asking me to look with eyes wide-open at the journey ahead.

I am scared. Terrified even. I can scratch around my cavern, snap my pincers at the imagined dangers ahead, wave my stinger and even charge towards the light at the opening of my Underworld home, but I know instinctively that I must sink deeper until the 21st of December. Only then, can I begin the work of transmutation.

I call this The Deepening Embrace.

How are you faring? Are you allowing this inner work to bring unimaginable changes and blessings, or are you pushing against the tide? Either way, you are creating your reality. You are that powerful and that much a Creatress/tor.

I’m always curious about the numerical significance of such days, and this time we channel the energy of 7.

7 . The Divine Feminine. No co-incidence there. She is making her journey to the Underworld to meet her lover. Together, they will birth the Sun, the light, the anti-venom for the still, sacred darkness.

And so we journey with Her. 7 does not fit obediently into anything, it is the disruptor, even as it unfolds beautifully into notes of music, the rainbow, the 7 portals within our skull. 7 is irrational, it is the symbol of Intuition, and our emotions. Now, with Mercury stubbornly presiding over our vision -quest, we must breathe space into the fear that collects when shadow work demands out attention.

Obviously, communication and relationships, with others and ourselves, are being served on an oversized plate. Wait. Sink deeper. Deeper. Deeper yet. Breathe. Let silence bathe you in its waters. Heal. Allow the fear. Heal some more. Ask your soul to run bare, unashamed.

Words in the next three week period will be most important. Also body language and other means of communicating with our family, lovers, friends. Part of shadow work is allowing our pain and wounds to surface. As they surface, are you holding them in a space of Unconditional Love or are you using them as sharp weapons against those that surround you? Believe me, I have experienced each end of that spectrum this last while. I’m looking for balance. I am a Scorpio who values patience, and practice it as a warrior’s skill. But when I battle, I battle with equal discipline. My cave is sodden with tears. And yet, I learn, I grow, I relish this darkness. I wait for the Sun.

Where are you on this empowering trek to the Shadows of your Soul? How are you experiencing this gathering energy of Mercury, Luna and Goddess?

A Goddess readying for her lover is full of erotic, ecstatic, anticipatory energy. She is high, and in this expansive mood, She drags us into her lair, to dance with our emotions. She will engage your heart and your mind. She will pound every doubt into the dirt and dance over it. We dance with her. We shift and shift, crying out because some day, frankly, we don’t know what we’re feeling. it’s all a mish-mash, we even eat the dirt of our darkness. We decide, though, if we choke on it or digest what needs digesting. We can transmute or we can sit through another cycle of self-doubt.

Goddess says; This darkness, it is yours. It is yours to love and hug, yours to understand as a powerful portal into the unfolding magic of You!

Sisters, brothers, let us strip naked under the moon and celebrate our humanity. Let us remember the days before clocks and calendars, when Nature governed our lives, when the stars brought messages and our familiars imparted wisdom. Let us not be afraid of the dark, because we have fire within us. Let us thank Mercury for awakening us and Luna for showing us that we are both light and dark, and that cycles are a blessing and necessary for us to be fully alive.

We rise, we die, we rise, we die. Every. Damn. Day.

As Winter Solstice approaches, I hold space for your steps upon the earth. I hold you with heart hugs and soul kisses.

Welcome the Deepening Embrace.

So Mote it Be! xoxo Monika.

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*PhotoBryan Goff on Unsplash