I’ve just read a quote in the Farmer’s Almanac, which quite succinctly summarized my latest activities.

‘There are two seasonal diversions that can ease the bite of any winter. One is January thaw, and the other is seed catalogs.” Hal Borland, American Writer (1900-78)


The first, the thaw, was especially welcome as we have been blessed with an excess of four feet of snow lately, and the thaw could not have come any sooner as far as my roof was concerned. We have participated by shoveling walkways clear to make room for the inevitable February blast of inclement weather. The seed order has been made and sent, quite enjoyably compiled whilst sitting by the fire and sipping a proper cup of tea.

This full moon has been especially capricious. many of us have been plagued by headaches, picking up strange energies and cleaning house like we were expecting the Winter Fairy Queen. All due to retrogrades, planetary alignments and general skullduggery in the skies. Some days I wish I was more dust than water.

For a day or two on either side of the full moon, as well as the day of, you can stand naked in the light of the moon (or partly naked, depending of your tolerance of the cold or proximity to your neighbours binoculars), make moon water, meditate inviting the moon to your awareness, or decorate your house with white feathers and silvery branches, whatever speaks to you, really.

This is the time to make spells for wider issues, such as those that concern the globe as a whole, to ring tiny bells as you cast and fill yourself with the light of the moon goddess…to contemplate the teachings of the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Men can invite the energy of Venus to guide them, to inspire their lovemaking, their relationships with the variety of women they know, like sisters, lovers, mothers, co-workers. A man infused with moon energy is always so much more intuitive and centered.

Tomorrow then, we can all sit under the light of the moon and join hands and hearts in the ethereal. See you…..