Full Super Moon in Scorpio

Wild Ones, the Super Flower Moon in Scorpio brings good news!

I wonder if you can feel the energetic shift afforded by Luna at 17°20′ Scorpio, the numeric frequency of 8, and Mercury sextile Neptune.

I encourage you to open to this positive and empowering energy. Some of us may even feel a degree of ecstasy and extreme optimism, while others will dip tentative toes into the expansiveness of May’s Full Moon.

Key words for this full mother moon according to the above planetary mystery are; love, compassion, forgiveness, as above so below, balance, harmony, healing, diplomacy, and community.

The numeric frequency of the number 8 is often associated with money and power, but often overlooked are the compassionate, humanitarian and infinite qualities. 8 represents renewal, resonance, transformation from one state to another. It is a lunar number, as there are 8 phases of the moon, a feminine number in many aspects.

The stress and melancholy of the last few weeks will lift with this new influx, you may be feeling it already? Optimism surges. Our part in this is ‘allowing’.

Breathe – open your lungs. Stand a little straighter. Pull back your shoulders and allow these influences to penetrate your cells. We have been protecting ourselves with masks and closing off personal space. Allow light and space to rejuvenate you.

Scorpio lends intuition, creativity, emotion and spirit. We are in dire need of its ability to re-create relationships, especially reconnecting us to our spiritual depths.

When things go awry, we forget that there is more to life than what meets the eye and ear. We can forget that we are sovereign, and inherently wild. Past months have stripped us of our ability to think for ourselves… we have been thought, guided, community became communism, hope became fear, our inner guidance became mass control.

Full Scorpio Moon brings a much needed portal for re-alignment with Self and the Divine. We feel into our wildness. We allow a new birth. Full Mother Moon is about emotion, changing tides, gratitude, harvest of dream seeds.

Allow yourself joy, laughter, relief, positivity, illumination, receiving – no one can tell you this is inappropriate. Elevate those who are suffering with your joy, it is much needed! Bring laughter in the face of pain… ego tells us to feel guilty if we are not suffering, heart tells us to support others with our love and laughter.

The choice is ours.

Blessing my loves. Let us create something incredible on the planet this full moon. Let us create with the present cosmic energies a world that can celebrate its light and its dark without judgement or hate. Let us come back to each other.

Heart hugs and soul kisses, Monika.