November Full Moon in Taurus ~ 1:23 a.m. Saturday, November 5, 2017.

November’s Full Moon in Taurus, the ‘Mourning Moon’ according to us Witches, is power packed, leading up to the strongest moon of the year coming December 3rd.

Mourning Moon (also called Beaver Moon according to First Nations tradition), rises in close proximity to Samhain, just passed on October 31, when the veil to the world of Spirit was especially thin. Not surprisingly, the color correspondence with this moon is Black, and the energy calls us to observe our own darkness.

Waxing Full in the Fixed, Earth sign of Taurus, the gifts given will be Stability, Determination and Persistence. Stay conscious of Taurus’s tendency towards inflexibility. Where Determination feeds dreams and projects, rigidity stops the flow.

Relationships fall under the same energy this moon. Watch communication and the intentions with which you pursue love this month. It’s good to stand your ground, have solid boundaries…and also to know when compromise is called for. If arguments are especially heated, re-group, remember that each moon is a teacher. This one will persist until lesson is learned.

But there is more to this moon yet, and it is the wisdom of 8, which is the numerical correspondence on this day.

The End and The Beginning

Under this expression of the Divine, or Creativity, we move from one state to another. We become aware of being fully human and spiritual incarnation of light and love. We pass from the material world to the ethereal, through the veil as on Samhain, experiencing the yin and yang, the feminine and the masculine, our shadows and our luminescence, what is hidden and what is obvious in our nature. If ever there was a time to dive deep into the realization that there is a lot more going on here than merely our physical existence, it is now.

You are a magical being, a celebration of stardust, your DNA imprinted with the passing of centuries, your soul a citizen of distant constellations.

This is a time to put everything in your life into perspective. You are not these struggles, heartaches, sometimes painful searches for authentic self-expression. You are also a child of Vast Possibility. What we think is not who we are. So for a moment or two this moon, see who you really are, where you’re from, look up to the sky and be filled with wonder at your journey through the cosmos. Remember your light.

If you wish to work magic, cast intentions or simply meet the moon in your most raw state, stay up until the Witching Hour.

The Witching Hour is at midnight on the Full Moon, when it is neither waxing nor waning, it is the time between the days, between the worlds. I like to walk here, laying myself open to everything that inspires and haunts me, allowing the light and energy of Luna to heal me at my core. Try it. You may be surprised at what revelations come, what visions surface, what courage you will gather for the months ahead.

Anything you cast upon the wind during the witching hour will come back to you as realized intention.

My loves, this moon may challenge you, but it is what you wanted after all. To be awoken. Step bravely, and may the blessings of this Taurean Moon be yours.

So Mote it be!

Heart hugs and soul kisses, Monika.

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