A Simple Water Release Ritual

On the night or day of the full moon (a day before and day after is still appropriate energy), write everything you wish to release that is no longer potent medicine on a white piece of toilet paper. Light a white candle. Place the paper in a pretty bowl of water.

Sit quietly for a spell, seeking stillness and grounding. When you feel ready…

Create a prayer/mantra of your own or say“In this moment, under the full moon, I open myself to love and compassion, from this place I release what is no longer serving the evolution of my soul, and receive the completion and empowerment of doing so.”

Traditionally one would release the perhaps now disintegrated paper to a moving body of water, but for the sake of the environment or lack of a handy river, you can add the paper to your compost bucket for Pachamama to make new earth out of, or flush down the toilet.

Take a cleansing bath or shower. Enjoy the freedom of your release.


The morning after the full moon, wash your face and hands with freshly made moon water. Practice gratitude for the many ways your life is a miracle. To pass this gratitude on, decide on an act of kindness you can perform while the moon is full.

To make moon water:

**Fill a clean jar with purified water, or if only have tap water, purify with your intention.

**Leave under the light of the full moon all night, capped, having infused it with your love.

**Bring inside before sunrise. Use for full moon magic and ritual.

Mother Moon Love, Wild Ones!

xoxo Monika