Full Moon in Capricorn ~ 9:53 pm PDT, Wednesday, July 27th.

I’m not sure how time slipped by so quickly between the New Moon on the 13th of June and now, but it seems to have been a mind-boggling transit. Does it feel that way to you as well?

I’ve been unpacking a rather large amount of boxes in our new condo, taking time out for the many beautiful sunset and mountain views from the terrace, trying to keep up with the passage of days, and still, the Full Moon sneaked up on me.

I’ve been tired, from the sheer amount of work that goes with moving, but more than that, under a heavy energy that had me anticipating planetary shenanigans. They do pull on our psyches and emotions. We are, after all, connected in a myriad of ways. I’ve been sorting belongings and old wounds, remembering things I had long forgotten, processing, re-forgiving.

Reading TulaFae’s astrological insights below, you may find the answers to some of what’s been flowing through us, deep shifts, intense realizations, shedding of ancestral imprints, etc. What do you make of it? How has it been with your soul Wild Ones?

Full Moon Magick

It is time to become the embodiment of emotional integrity. It is time to honor the psychic, innate powers within. These powers are covered by patterns of behavior and mindset. This bold, stern moon will illuminate our needs, responsibilities, and duties as a human and as an energy worker.

The retrograde planets form a pentacle in the cosmos, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and Neptune beckoning the galactic guardians. Quantum leaps of ascension are coming online for us to harness. The key to unlock our access is within witnessing how we were nurtured as well as how those who nurtured us were nurtured. What has been passed down your lineage as sacred and as scarcity?

The transit brings up the mother and the father. The money issues that our mother experienced. Her ideas of the world and opportunities that she sacrificed or missed out on for our sake. The way she raised us, the decisions she made whether for her own gain or for the gain of raising us.

The father; was he there? The father in psychoanalysis forms us claiming our best self and owning our self-worth. Observing where we need to grow in these aspects will open doors to our strength and courage and confidence.

The moon is asking us to heal what our nurturers left for us to sort through and transmute. For the sake of our lineage.

Saturn is Retrograde conjunct the full moon on the cosmic eve of the eclipse season:

Revolution is evolving and calling for participants. Revolutions are rarely made through grand, sweeping action. Revolutions are based on the foundation of small consistent, united action. There will be times for you to shine and there will be times for others to step up. The revolution has to start within yourself. What do you need to show up at your strongest?

Convictions, values, worldviews will be tested in the aftermath of the moon.. Your connection to the universal consciousness will be tested.

How do you show up? How do you transmute the density the heartbreak, the purity, the joy, and the bliss this earth offers? Each of the planets in retrograde gives us a bit of insight into our needs. The masks of other people’s facades will fall, truth will remain.

Mars Retrograde:

Mars retrograde in Aquarius brings up how our actions and instincts can be over emotional. Blinding us in stubbornness and hindering us from moving forward with what we desire to manifest. Mars Retrogrades look like frustrations, libido in flux, questioning our partners, highlights any misery that we tolerate. Any action or inaction that results in what we do not desire. Highlights the importance of community and incentivizes us to make connections. Deepening established connections. Clearing the connections that no longer serve us. Also, making new connections even if those connections do not take off at first. Can also make us a little bit angrier about politics because of what it’s doing for Humanity making it easier to see through the corruption.

Mars retrograde most of all, is the reminder for self care that we all need to maintain healthy bodies. Staying truly consistent in the best diet, meditation, and fitness for our bodies and time.

Saturn Retrograde:

Unearthing Karma and realizing what holds us back. Realizing structures that need to be in place day by day. Habits which do not help us get to the earthly success we seek. It can feel as if some external aspects are more severe then what is true. Be careful of hard and dense feelings. These are only serving as illumination of where the mind is scarce. Ask for advice from two or more people if you feel stuck. Disregard any hesitation to be vulnerable.

Neptune Retrograde:

This can make it hard to honor timelines. Life and thoughts can feel very free me and spacey. It can take more effort to feel grounded and balanced. Dreams hold the most important messages for us at this time.

The trine of Neptune happening with Jupiter and the Sun is getting those we never considered possible into the metaphysical and spiritual space. Even if they hide their interest with embarrassment. Have patience with those you may feel are very new to the space. Consider the thought of not being so secretive of your practice if someone gathers the nerve to ask. We who are already deeply rooted in the metaphysical space will be seeking deeper and will be very keen on learning and discussing these connections.

Jupiter Retrograde:

What do we truly desire to be in this life? Where do we let people dismiss us or cross our boundaries? What is it that we long for? What is our truest passion? What commitments serve us?

Pluto Retrograde:

We’re seeing this played out by the collective Karma of racism and sexism and any-ism coming up. In vindictive and passive aggressive ways, for instance, a jacket with a statement. These are being brought to the surface to really uncover each individual – where they stand in their prejudice consciously or subconsciously. Others seeing those in their environments where community stands and their acceptance.

All are being exposed where they stand in their heart and in their evolution on the journey.


And so, my loves, we, the planets, the moon, affect Consciousness…with how we grow in light, commune with each other, or not. I invite you to go deep this moon, to find awareness in actions and thoughts, to inhale the breath of change, as we grow in love and expand toward the 5th Dimension. There are many life forms on other planets who are watching and growing with us, helping us to remember. Their existence depends on our enlightenment. There is much in the balance.


TulaFae is a well-being coach, astrologer, yoga teacher, world traveler, and a candidate pursuing a license in naturalistic medicine. Her work uncovers blocks in the energy, mental, and physical bodies by illuminating the blueprint of each soul set in and individual’s star charts. She helps others connect to their purpose in life through astrology, meditation, and essential oils. Dissolving confusion and delays of desire by using the body and mind to get tuned into one’s inner compass with harmony and trust.

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