We chose each other, on a morning that began with silent raindrops on our window pane.

Together forever it seems, our bodies in an intimate embrace, curled against each others hearts. Our breath flowing between us as if there was only one—suspended when we kissed, warm and full of hope.

You smiled at me, as you have done so many times before. I swear I know every curve of your lips, every hopelessly beautiful emotion that spills through your eyes.

I smiled in return, and saw myself reflected in your soul. My love, for you, I would take leave of good sense and traipse half the globe in your devastating wake.

But you have never asked me to do anything that wasn’t part of my destiny.

You have never held me captive with promises of forever, or dreams of being claimed.

We did not wait for one of us to choose the other, or wonder if we’d ever be enough.

We did not question what tomorrow would bring, we lived each day as it came.

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