As many of you know, The Dark Pool is a channeled work, via the Soul Group ‘Aiden’.

I’ve been blessed to write erotica as a portal for Spirit. Can there be anything more in tune with a Scorpio’s life path than merging sexuality with spirituality?

I’ve been open about my sexual preferences, how I write and why I do it, all in the name of authenticity.

When we’re living authentically, we’re a conduit for Spirit. When we’re validating our sexuality, we’re opening to Spirit.

When we’re experiencing orgasm, we’re dropping into the zone, of perfect ‘no thought’, we’re just Being.

But we don’t always know why we chase that orgasm…it is a place of enlightenment.

Here is the radio podcast of my talk with Ingrid Turner on the Living in Partnership with Spirit Show. I prefer writing than speaking, (blah! it was hard!) but this was a great opportunity for me to share and spread my wings.

Thanks for tuning in! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/…/living-in-partnership…


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