I was at the Findhorn Community in northern Scotland when I first heard of Eckhart Tolle and his book, The Power of Now.

The Power of Now was many things to me but mainly it taught me how to escape emotional suffering by connecting my thoughts to the present moment and end the emotional turmoil found while living in the past and the future.

I had already done a lot of work around releasing trauma and abuse from my childhood years, which was wonderful. But in my everyday life I still found myself worrying about what could be and often would create pain about imagined future events that would drain my energy.

In meditation one day, I heard a clear message that my only real problem was my thought patterns.

You are always over there, hardly ever in the present moment,” Stillness spoke.

I needed to go back to the Tolle teachings that I had read in The Power of Now. I needed to live them not just read them; to make them a part of my cell memory so that old patterns would be erased.

I began with Acceptance and Surrender quotes to remind myself that when I am in alignment with what is, I am not fighting things I cannot change. I do believe that deciding to accept past events must come before an end to emotional suffering.

Otherwise we fight an elusive shadow—and it truly is a dis-empowering fight.

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