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Spirit Update: 09.16.19

You don’t want to deny what happened,
You don’t want to pretend it didn’t hurt,
Or was OK in any way whatsoever
by assuming any of the blame,
Or by-pass it by saying ‘I’ve let it go’ when really it’s just shoved deeper, so deep you can no longer feel it consciously.

But you also don’t want what happened to color the rest of your days, all your present moments, all your soul’s blueprint.
It’s our attachment to the story and trauma, our thoughts about the story that causes the suffering long after what happened.

The body and the mind (ego consciousness) are what cause the re-traumatization and self-aggression by keeping the pain fresh and present.

In ego-consciousness, this is a safety mechanism… if we remember and keep it real, we won’t let it happen again. If we don’t forgive, we keep the perpetrator at bay, place blame where it belongs… this makes perfect sense to the ego which tries so hard to be seen and heard because it thinks it is YOU.

But what is you is the soul you, condensed into this physical body which experiences a life of polarity. Your mind and body which form the ego, (not a bad thing, just part of being human), are not your soul-beingness, the part of you which can observe what happened, learn what it came to learn, knows that it is safe to move on, forgive and create a life of emotional and physical abundance.

The past is a dream within a dream.

Don’t let your thoughts re-create the trauma and keep you in a loop of dis-empowerment.

The work of freeing ourselves is our own. It cannot happen by someone else saying they’re sorry, or changing… that’s part of THEIR work, you still have your own to do.

The only person who can create non-suffering is the sufferer.

If we drag the past behind us, we are never truly alive, because we can only be alive in the present moment, which does not include the past or the future.

Trauma does not give us meaning, it gives our pain meaning, it gives Ego identity.. that’s not your soul-identity although it may feel very real.

Acknowledge what was. It happened. For it not to have a life of its own, or to shadow our purpose, we must leave it where it belongs. In the past. Faced, looked in the eye, accepted, seen for what it is, then released from our cells by a single decision to not let it control us. What right does trauma have to condition us into never-ending pain? None. Only the right you allow it.

You are not what happened, but it is part of you. Love that part. So hard that it heals. Allow yourself to see your wholeness. You don’t have to change, you just have to accept all that you are without judgment. With the scars.

Let it go… the decision you made long ago to never forget. Let it go. It’s ok to be that vulnerable that you could consider forgiveness. Forgiveness is freedom for YOU.

Even though someone’s previous behavior may not have been acceptable by any standards, and even if you in no way condone their behavior, you can come to a place of loving and accepting yourself.

Because here is the most important thing to know… it is OURSELVES we no longer love, forgive or accept when we cling to the old story. Ego tells us it is THEM, but it is a disconnection from Self.

Choose your Self.

With love, Monika. ?

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Image:Wild Woman Sisterhood