He’s not what Mama had in mind.

But wild thing, you’re not listening anymore.

He showed up and made his move, and now you’re barely breathing.

He’s a rebel and a renegade. He breaks the rules and doesn’t care. He’s trouble in every way—his hands, your heart. There’s no way out for a sometimes-good girl like you.

Somehow, from your deepest dreams—remnants of prayers and journal entries—he’s manifested in the tapestry of your life.

With a hungry look in his eyes, tattoos, beard and hair that you can twist in your hand, this man lives for adventure. He’s slept on beaches, he’s lived in the trees, he’s surfed the ocean, he’s scrambled over mountains to get to you.

You caught his eye while walking down the street, electricity coursing as he smiled and turned to have another look.

He’s bold. He’s irreverent.

He’s made it into your fantasies—and your naughtiest thoughts.

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