1. I just read your article regarding empaths and brain injury. I tried to contact you via Facebook but for some reason the message button is not working. It might be an iPad problem. I have an ABI. I am very interested in the list of empathic qualities. Ks23320@yahoo.com
    Karen Shepard
    Karen Shepard Music
    On facebook

  2. I just discovered you and this page! Awesome! You are so amazing and very beautiful in mind, heart, soul and body! Keep doing what you are doing! It is working and having an effect on the world. Love you and hope to see even more! With my love; Pop-tart!

  3. Dear Monika,

    I ran across your piece in The Elephant Journal on the art of seduction by French women. Having a similar introduction to my fascination with their graceful way of living life true to themselves and with such beauty, connecting to your ideas was like connecting to everything I’ve pieced together as the type of woman I have moved toward BEing over the past 3 years — sensual, authentic, relaxed and ready to add a dash of romance to any situation. I appreciated your article and felt to reach out and say so! 😉

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