Beltane, the early Celtic feast of the Green Man and the Green Goddess, is celebrated from sunset April 30 through sunset May 2nd, and is more modernly called “May Day.”

It can be pronounced as it appears: bell-tane, or in Irish Gaelic as bee-yawl-tinnuh.

What a time this is of rejoicing as the upcoming season of summer begins to stir. The sap is rising and we look forward to longer and warmer days.

This festival is all about union, sexuality, and fertility!

It is a time for courting, for expressing ourselves, for capturing the raw energy of the awakened Mother Earth.

If ever there was a time to plant the seeds of our desires, it is now. All desires. Physical, emotional, and spiritual. What we ask for now we will reap in the autumn months, like a well-tended crop.

Use the rising energy to spread good will and good deeds around the globe. Begin projects that will spread like wildfire with your intention as fuel. Combine your efforts with like-minded folk who also wish to see the year unfold to a more peaceful, more mindful future.

Just like at Samhain on October 31, the veil between the worlds (physical and spiritual) is especially thin at dawn and dusk.