Don’t go hiding your power girl.

Under this Perigree Moon, you are more than you appear. You are a mystic and your magic is stronger than ever before.

Other days you may pretend that there is nothing beneath your hooded eyes, you may laugh and wave away comments about the power in your hands—but not today.

You were born a mystic and a mystic you shall remain. Your gift comes from a time before the planets spun in order within their heavenly realm. What beats wild in your heart is the same power that births stars.

Do not deny the world what stirs inside the cauldron of your soul. We need you to awaken and weave mysteries into poetry and prose.

Teach, wise woman, lend us your words. Illuminate us just as the moon illuminates the earth.

Throw aside your flowing cloak, warm your hands on the fire you have stoked, fill your mortar and pestle with fragrant herbs—prepare for the spirits who wait to be called.

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