Another 7.3 Magnitude earthquake hit Nepal today, May 12, 2015, at 12:50 local time.

An estimated 32 people are dead and more than a thousand are injured.

In the aftermath of April’s devastation, this news brings renewed pressures to help the people of Nepal recover and re-build.

The IOM’s (International Organization for Migration assisting in the area) Paul Dillon, reporting from Nepal,‬ says another major earthquake hit Kathmandu, near Mt. Everest, and other areas this morning.

“Streets are full of people and screaming children. Buildings are wobbling and power poles swing crazily. About 2,000 people are putting up tents on a golf course in Kathmandu.”

In the Sindhupalchok district, people gathered in open space after the quake hit. IOM staff are responding to the needs of many people who are in panic.

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