Before there was Eve, there was Lilith. She refused male dominance and liked it on top. She was wanton, unabashed, and questioned all the rules. Surrender, for Lilith, could never be born of disrespect, only love.

Feel Lilith rise tonight with the Full Moon. Feel her rise within you, the archetype who refuses to be tamed, to have her thoughts shackled, to conform and behave, to be the good girl.

She dares to eat the apple, and kundalini rising, finds her wisdom.
Demonized for craving equality, she lives in all women, awaiting the time of awakening.

Lilith, show me what it means to stand in my own power and lovingly live my purpose, unrestrained, healing the great feminine wound. I cannot be thrown from Grace as, I Am Grace. My archetypal lover, Pan, brings me to the Sacred Woods, and together, we roam with Her, among the moss, the ivy and the fern, her creatures and the morning mist.

Before there was fear there was love. Love rises tonight. Full Moon Blessings, my loves.

image: pinterest/lourdes laveau