Your strength is how calmly, quietly and peacefully you face life.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

A woman like me is not dazzled by the loudness of your voice or the opinions you shout. She is pleased to hear your wisdom, shared with an open mind and a calmness that speaks of your humility.

A woman like me is not always right, and she delights in your confessions of having made a mistake. Honesty is always a turn-on.

A woman like me keeps her heart guarded until trust breaks open the doors of intimacy. A man like you knows the path to her garden gate. It won’t need prying or cajoling—it is yours when you honor your own vulnerability.

A woman like me lives for her dreams and seeks her own path, despite the monsters that lurk in the corners of her mind. She seeks a man who slays his own dragons and leaves his bloodied sword outside her door. She can be his home, but cannot clean up behind the wars he wages with himself.

A woman like me wants a man whose tears are real. She will carefully catch them in the sacred cup of her love for him.

A woman like me wants wild and irreverent bedding. A man like you can deliver it with graceful wickedness. She will not apologize for her needs, and he will never chastise her for her desires. In turn, she will leave her teeth marks on his skin, and leave no doubt of her devotion.

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