Imbolc. A feast for optimists, looking forward to spring born lambs and the gifts of spring days, warming earth and  early greens. Ok, not where I live, but in Great Britain…we are happy here just to have the early lambs.

Today, I will dust off the cloths on my altar, make new arrangements, and cast a spell for new beginnings. here is the one I have shared on my website,


Imbolc is about emergence, transformation, cleansing, forthcomings, energy shifts and most importantly, for releasing old hurts, replacing them with feelings of love, forgiveness and healing




Light three white candles at either new moon during February or March arranging them in a circle on your table or altar


Place a clear quartz crystal in the middle of the circle


Write a desire of your heart (in the positive) on a small piece of paper and place it under the crystal


Breathe in three deep breaths of Gratitude and Acceptance


Repeat these words:


By the energy of the rising moon
By the light of the rising sun
By the pull of the rising tide
I invoke the dreams of my heart
So mote it be


Remove the paper and burn it in your hearth or a safe container