The moon will rise full over our beautiful blue planet on Monday, June 20th, on the longest day of the year and our Summer Solstice, and with it will comes with the opportunity for introspection.

Sagittarius rules June’s moon, which was also the position of May’s full moon—a rare occasion in planetary alignment. We are nearing an end of a powerful cycle between these two Full Moons and if you’ve felt in a bit of tailspin, you’re in good company—many of us have been orbiting in a vortex of emotions and even physical upheaval.

Sagittarius can be a tricky influence, but I appreciate its leadership, and when the moon settles in, I allow for complete surrender. If you’ve ever tried to oppose a Sagittarian in your circle, you will know what I mean—this sign simply expects compliance.

Surrendering under a Full Moon becomes a ritual of letting go and breathing in the fine essence of being taken to unknown place. Although our fear may steer us away from valuable lessons, surrender takes us by the hand and guides us to new strengths.

In the past weeks, we have been adjusting our sails to make sense of world events.

2016 has already been a test to our humanity and our ability to heal and forgive. June’s Full Moon is a Harvest Moon.

It is berry season. Berries are soft, tender, easily bruised but exquisitely delicious. Their offering is fleeting but powerful, and I like to compare it to how we deal with trauma. We bruise and bleed when witnessing tragic human events. We seek answers to the often asked “Why?” and in the midst of our pain, it is easy to give up hope.

But we are inside a fortuitous cycle between last month’s and this month’s Full Moons, which focus primarily on harvesting resources. Where relationships are concerned, we can now focus on personal situations or how we relate to our fellow man.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a planet whose themes explore expansion and evolution.

Not surprisingly, in light of the inconceivable violence in Orlando, Jupiter expresses social evolution dealing with religion, philosophy and politics. All things are connected.

I’m not blaming the planets or the moon for anything people do, because that would relieve us of all responsibility, but I do see how the positions of the moon and planets expose portals for our advancement. What we choose to do with these lessons is up to us. The Universe is a living, breathing entity and we are part of the ebb and flow.

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