True, I am a hermit at the best of times.

This winter saw me (or didn’t see me) leave the house once, maybe twice a week. IF I had to.

I don’t know if it was the many moons of March that brought such solitude, but am fairly certain that it was what my soul was craving. This month especially, had me pondering the deep craving that women approaching their crone years have, to seek out a cave and live on their own.

Now, I’m not sure I would like totally on my own. I do like to share my meals and my bed with my beloved. Other than that, I could happily putter about without company.

What has come out of all this hermit-ing you ask? A LOT!

1. A new room….for writing, sitting, contemplating. A closet in that room where I have set up my altar. Oh, I am out of the closet, as it were, but felt a need to protect my magical tools and my energy from prying eyes and forthcoming judgements. I’ve just about done with all that.

2. A new attitude about my place in the scheme of things. I’m ready to face new challenges, new work, new paths.

Today marks the birth date of my mother..the one who gave birth to me. I miss her. And also, I am grateful for her ever present guidance. She gives me courage to step out into new things all the time. She did, when she died, even though she was scared to leave me. That was courage, to accept her fate.

I’ve lost the friendship of a long time kindred spirit this month. It rocked my world and reminded me that self love is more important than being loved. If I lost all my friends, all my parents (which I have, all two sets), my partner, my children, I had better have self love, or I’d be lost, or as Anne of Green Gables said, be ‘in the depths of despair’.

To sum up, I’ve grown. Through every phase of the moon. Although the moon is dark tonight, I am full of light. And Love.