Dark Moon in Scorpio & Lunar Samhain.


Dark Moon in Scorpio & Lunar Samhain ~ November 7  * Witch’s New Moon ~ November 8 – 10

This Dark Moon in Scorpio marking the Lunar Samhain, halfway between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice brings passion and emotion to the forefront.

In the watery womb-space of Scorpio energy, with Venus yet in Retrograde and Mercury soon to withdraw its influence as it prepares for its own Retro on the 16th, we must become comfortable with the depth and mystery of our own beingness.

The Dark Moon is a time for introspection.

When the first glimmer of light appears with the waxing crescent moon, in the 3 days following a Dark Moon, it is the time of the Witch’s New Moon. Now we expand, begin new adventures, find romance, build hopes and feed dreams.

This year, with a window of approximately 9 days before Mercury’s retrograde and already in its shadow, we must pay close attention to what we speak, how we react, who we call into our awareness/life/love. Mindful of the nuances of energy around us, we do well to be grounded in gratitude. Often, that is enough to keep us balanced.

Dark/New Moon blessings Wild Ones.

Remember to cast your intentions for the next lunar cycle. 🕉️

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