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Tantra. “Despite the hype, sex is merely one facet of this complex and esoteric spiritual philosophy. Tantra encompasses the use of chakras (the energy centers of the body), mantra (Sanskrit chants), asana (yoga postures), pranayama (rhythmic breathing) and ritual ceremony to address concepts such as the weaving of light and shadow, paradox, and reverence for the body as a pathway to the Divine.” – @ Zoe Kors@elephantjournal

Tantra is about connection. Connection first between ourselves and the erotic, expansive Universe. Within that state of connectedness, that state of remembering ourselves as cosmic, ecstatic beings, we can then share in that energy with another. .
When clients tell me that Tantra ‘doesn’t work’ I know that it’s not their partner they can’t connect with as much as they can’t first connect with themselves. They fear the vulnerability and the chaos that erupts from experiencing themselves so deeply. It’s too hard to let go into the unknown of their own vastness. Sex becomes a hurried rush to the finish line. Nothing wrong with orgasm, don’t get me wrong, tantra is not about abstinence. But an orgasm without spiritual and emotional intimacy can only nourish your partnership so far. Try the deep end. Let go. Let her/him in. It will transform everything in your life. Truly. Everything.
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