She Fell Into the Fire. A May Day Poem.

It had been many a strong wind that had blown her to this place

Many a hurt and many a word

That had shattered her heart and thrown rocks in her path

She stood broken in places

Knit together in others

A patched up soul without a tribe for a shelter

She stood barefoot, a wanderer, a wild one

Her eyes full of tears, her mouth empty of questions

A silent child, a woeful urchin

A woman whose soul still ached for expression

She stood naked and open

Ready for an awakening

Hail May Day—burning brightly—a Pagan’s celebration

A twirl ’round the Maypole,

The May Queen is waiting

The Green Man, her servant

Fertility births abundance

A sexual awakening

Hail Beltane—for lovers and dreamers and mystics

She fell into the fire

The fire of her own making

The fire of her yearning

The fire of the ancients

She fell like a star from a sky full of midnight

I’m no longer afraid, she whispered defiantly

You’re brave, said the fire, climbing her body

I need wisdom, she countered

The flames hissed around her

She fed all her wounds to the decadence of the night

She silenced the demons who wandered her mind

She drank from the cup of summer’s approach

Pregnant with hope

With reckless desire

She rose like the Phoenix

A thousand voice choir

Shimmering goddess

Lilith’s soft triumph

She awoke

Shakti’s daughter

She rose from the fire

Image: Paula Fernandes

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One comment

  1. Your blogs, writings, and articles are so enlightening. Showing all that there is always work to be done, but that work begins with us. If we open ourselves to that journey, gifts of enlightenment are actually all around us and help us on that journey

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