Gone Nude on Instagram. Oh. My. Goddess.

A little something I posted on Instagram today. The nudity is important, and not. It’s me stepping into vulnerability. I love nudity, women, erotic expression…that’s no secret. I also love it when women have the right to be in their bodies as they wish. This is for women and the new earth. Where we won’t feel ashamed by our natural state of being.

* Instagram got the edited version.

Continuing on with the Nudity/Virgin/Whore theme I started a few posts ago and which turned into an article @theurbanhowl, let’s explore a little deeper.

We’re not afraid of nudity really, we’re afraid of Vulnerabilty.

We’re still asking ourselves what kind of reaction our vulnerability will elicit from our family and friends. Why? Is our state of openness a question for a quorum?

Why are we still pasting goddamn fucking stars on our nipples to appease Patriarchy?

Why are women still judging each other?
What is beneath our discomfort with skin, breasts, pussies, sexuality?

Is nudity important? Until every woman can be naked and unashamed, un-violated and left to her own decisions about her body…BIG FUCKING YES!

Where are the Wise Women who have had children in their bellies, or not, who have scars and stories to tell, being as proudly nude as any of our Maiden sisters?

This is a 57 year old, erotica writing, spell casting, paradigm shifting, no fucks giving witch stepping into fearless authenticity.

If we’re going to shift oppressive thinking, we begin with ourselves. My way is to write about it. Join me. In whichever way.. let’s do this! 💗

Art: Charlie Bowater: Edit Mine



  1. What a truly liberating gesture Monika. I am blessed to know several free spirited, intelligent and independent women (even within marriage ) who by the power of their actions, lifestyle and art give a huge fuck you to the patriarchal constraints of how we are dictated to and how we live, the world is a better place for such radical thinking. Change will come my sister xx

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