She Is Guided by The Tides.


“A woman like me seeks no deliverance from her eccentricity. She wants a man who makes no sense to the world, but instead makes sense to angels and demons. They will listen to the call of the impossible together and write their destiny in the sands of time.

A woman like me wants to taste the sea. She wants to hear the sound of crickets in an evening field. She wants to lick the dew from the petals of roses and be immune to their thorns. A man like you will strip his clothes and swim in the darkness of her river. He will drown if need be; she is his compass and his north star.

A man like you is not afraid of her worshiping the moon. She is guided by the tides, and will never be the same tomorrow as she is today.” m.c.

From A Woman Like Me Can Honor A Man Like You 

*Shared today @ Old World Witchcraft

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