Are You Ready For Your Vision Quest?


Start Your Journey Today With the Gift of a 30 Minute Discovery Call!


I first heard about Vision Questing when I was studying Druidry and birthing my Mystic’s walk. While doing so, I realized that it really wasn’t new to me at all, my Inner Being ‘remembered’ a practice from another lifetime, another culture…it was in my bones.

I knew that I needed this as poignantly as I knew that my Wild Soul was in transition and that in order to find the keys that would unlock many more ‘remembrances’, I had to journey within.

~Every Vision Quest is unique, because each of us is made purposefully, but three common elements guide us~

A Commitment to YOUR Journey

A Connection with Spirit Guides and Ancestors

Surrender to the Process


Whether your Quest is Regarding


A New Direction in Life,

Sacred Sexuality (Including Poly, Open, LGBTQ, Kink)

Awakening Wild Woman


I offer safe space to explore and tap into your inner wisdom

Challenge your Wild, Creative, Beingness to its Fullest Expression

 Heal Soul Wounds; Present, Ancestral or Multi-dimensional

 Find Clarity of Purpose

 Authentically Embrace Love, Sexuality and Relationships

Connect With the Spirit Realm – Your Sacred Blueprint

Whatever You Are Seeking

~ Receive Each Month ~

 **3 One Hour Video Calls (discounted by 10%)

 **E-mail Support Between Calls

 **Creative Action-steps and Feed-back

 **Support Materials to Nourish your Wild, Authentic Soul

   **Two Tarot Card Readings – to Begin and Summarize your Journey

Together We Will Create a Safe Container for Exploring Your Light and Your Shadows In the Knowledge that All Truth is Welcome

Your Most Authentic, Wild Soul Life Begins Today

With Heart Hugs and Soul Kisses – Monika


image: karen cantu @ unsplash


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