Stevie Wonder Serenades Michelle Obama on the Jimmy Fallon Show.


Isn’t she lovely?

Yes, she is. Michelle Obama has been, in my opinion, one of the classiest, kindest, most involved and graceful first ladies ever to inhabit the White House.

I have great admiration for her spunk. She is a woman in her own right—not only the wife of the President, but a force of change in Washington and countrywide.

Michelle Obama has earned our respect and our love. She is openly admired by her husband, by the people whose lives she has touched with great poise and compassion, and by women who look up to her strength and courage.

She looks so comfortable in her skin, and I have learned from her unobtrusive but effective way of carrying herself in the world of politics.

She is, in many ways, a woman’s woman—a sister we can count on.

This tribute by Stevie Wonder pretty much sums it up.

The video here…

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