Spiritual Awakening ~ by Mary Rogers.


One of my dear friends opened the discussion yesterday about what a spiritual awakening truly feels like…

And it’s not a euphoric bliss that settles in your heart. It’s not rainbows and unicorns. All the feel goods come after…come later…

In the initiation of the awakening – well, it’s usually really brutal. You have to face your shadow, stand with trauma, and it often registers to our very human minds as panic attacks, anxiety, and a tsunami of the soul. Which often feels like a mental breakdown.

But once you can move from the intellect of your mind into the feeling of your heart guided by the intuition of your soul…

You begin to realize you’re experiencing something quite profound indeed. You begin to realize the clutter of your life (that you once clenched to and held on with all your might) is beginning to fall away. You may lose jobs, friends, family…

Once you can drop in and surrender, well that’s the sweet spot. Only then do you begin to realize that everything is happening for a reason. Things are failing apart so you can piece them back together again – only this time with intention.

You get to choose what you want to draw into your life, you get to choose who you want in your tribe, you then have the freedom to follow the dreams of your heart.

When the chaos in our lives becomes the process of becoming, we often hit a fight or flight response. The symptoms are often similar to an intense moment of PTSD. This is meant to invoke action. It’s meant to inspire change.

This is the critical part of our awakening. We can either become aware and see it for what it is and grow – or we don’t make the journey from our minds into our hearts and convince ourselves we’ve gone absolutely mad…bonkers.

And even if you’ve gone through your awakening and navigated your way back to the inspired and the living and have begun to rewrite your agreements and create your own reality to match your ideals…the journey isn’t over.

On the contrary. You are meant to continue to grow, to learn, and to expand. And depending on you, your path, and level of hard-headedness…

The awakening process will begin again and again. Each time you become more sensitive to experience and can adapt accordingly. It gets easier the more you learn to surrender…

“No one said it would be easy. They only said it would be worth it…”  Mary Rogers @ http://lotusgypsysoul.com/



Mary Rogers currently resides in Nevada County (Grass Valley, CA) and is a non-fiction writer, poet, spiritual mentor, speaker, soul alchemist, and a trusted voice for female empowerment. A dreamer and high achiever, she finds inspiration in nature, karmic reciprocity, and self reflection.



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