Shared with Gratitude: A Tarot Reading Review.

image“Monika’s reading meant so much to me. I had been going through a tough time, and right away, she put me at ease. I knew I could trust her; that I was in good hands.  

And yes—I sure was. 

The reading she gave me has resonated with me on a soul level and has become somewhat of a mantra for me in the past few months. 

It brought me to tears. It felt like she knew exactly what my heart needed to hear. 

Through this experience with Monika, I felt seen. I felt like she encouraged me to be my rawest, most authentic Self and to speak my rawest truths. 

I felt heard. I felt understood. I felt empowered. 

Even difficult or potentially difficult aspects were included in the reading with gentleness, and truth, but also in a way that made me feel prepared and empowered in my life. 

This reading helped me find the strength to believe in myself again. 

It’s hard to put experiences that touch us so deeply into to words, but all I can say is that I so highly recommend a tarot reading with Monika for anyone who is struggling, stuck or  looking for clarity. 

I know, for me, it was exactly what my heart needed. 

Deep gratitude, Monika.”

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