Serena’s Kiss. Poem – Adult


“You cannot unwish me. For I am assembled out of unforgettable.” ~ Erin Van Vuren

Somewhere is where you came from
Or at least that’s what you said
Hair in tangles
Dress in shambles
Drink held precariously in your hand.

I, amused, ignored your chatter
Assumed you’d move on with the wind
But you stayed
Your feet in sandals
Toenails painted tempting red.

The waiter hovered
Your breasts uncovered
Unperturbed you continued on
Laughing like a winsome siren
Coaxing kisses from my mouth.

I’m not innocent
I could stop this
Leave you in your tipsy state
But you’re delicious
Your eyes burn wicked
My nipples twisting in your hand.

Isn’t it lovely
You ask as you tease me
But who can concentrate on the view
With your accent dripping sex-stained
French or something else seductive—
I think of leaving but I can’t.

Serena, that’s me
You hold your hand out
Bitten, I take it
Smitten, I give in
To the sin-soaked desire for more of you.




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