Drawing Down the Moon. A Magical Ritual.

full moon

When I first began to practice the Tradition of the Wise Woman, I was fascinated with the ritual of Drawing Down the Moon.

I’d always been sensitive to moon energy, and performed my best magic tapping into it. My strengths, as a magic worker, could only be accentuated by the Goddess of the Moon.

If you crave change in your life, then this ritual is for you. You can practice it on the full moon and also three days prior and following.

The full moon traditionally is the time for banishing, curing and purging of unwanted habits and situations. This is a good time to ponder the excess in your life. This can be material excess, like a cluttered house, or too many bad habits or even relationships.

One can also purge nagging ailments. Yes, I speak to my physical body and invite anything I do not wish to “house” to leave. The body is programmed for healing and incredible as it may sound, sometimes just the intention to lose a physical discomfort can be enough for me to banish it. Intention is the most powerful tool in my magical practice.

If you have already performed magic or set intentions at the New Moon, you will find those intentions culminating at the Full Moon.

But no worries of you have not. Full Moon magic is just as powerful as a stand-alone practice.

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