The Fruit That Aids Digestion, Weight Loss and Inflammation.


I’m not really a one-pill-cures-all kind of gal.

If my training as a nutritionist has taught me anything, it is that human health is complex and what works for one may not work for another.

Having said that, over the years I have found a handful of super foods that have defied all the odds.

Pineapple is my go-to for my naturally slow digestive tract, to keep inflammation at bay and to maintain a healthy weight.

The best I’ve ever had was in Kauai, sun-ripened, straight from the ground.

It still is the best pineapple I have ever tasted!

Pineapple is truly one fruit that totally agrees with my body. When buying, I look for well ripened, organic or sustainably grown fruit.

more info here…

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