Moisturizing, Coconut Oil Hair and Scalp Treatment.


Oh, yes, yet another use for coconut oil!

I’ve been using it quite unsparingly for everything on the planet—my favorites being: oil pulling to keep my teeth, gums and immunity strong, and as an all over body moisturizer, especially after sun exposure.

The other day, I planned on doing my usual hair and scalp treatment using olive oil, then decided that I would try coconut instead. Coconut oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial—great for anyone treating any kind of scalp issue, and contains vitamins K and E.

My partner said that my hair had never looked fuller, and indeed he was right, my curls were positively shiny and bouncy. I spend a lot of time in the sun and wind, so my hair dries out, and it really does not matter how much water I drink (lots), the elements are harsh on hair.

“Blog it up!” My lover suggested, knowing that I like to share groovy tidbits from my life. So here goes. It’s incredibly simple. Combine with a home-made mask and you’ll be naturally beautiful.

Moisture Treatment

1.Very gently heat some coconut oil in a small pot. Try to avoid the microwave, because it denatures protein molecules as it heats. You can put the coconut oil in a jar that has been set in some hot water.

More here…

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