The Celtic Festival of Lammas; Seeds of Abundance


Lammas, the Celtic festival of the seed harvest, falls at the end of July and beginning of August in the Northern hemisphere.

It’s the one festival in the turn of the wheel that seems to slip by me if I am not careful.

The summer days are long and sultry at this time of year, although by August 1st I have already sensed the shortening of the days and at times mourn the light that goes to bed a few minutes earlier each day.

I wonder if anyone else feels this.

As much as I adore the darker months and the introspection that they bring, I also find the rush to the longest day at Summer Solstice almost anti-climactic.

We rush to the light and saunter towards the dark.

Right now the wheat is golden in the fields. A little longer and the harvest of seeds will begin. Seeds that feed us now for our daily bread and also seeds for next years’ planting…or this was the cycle when we still saved seeds from one harvest to the following spring.

The ancient Celts and Pagans who lived closely connected to the cycles of the seasons and relied on the land for their survival considered this festival of utmost importance. We do not hold bread as holy as other civilizations did, but without it, there was no life, no hope of surviving a winter season.

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  1. I always get a melancholy feeling this time of year. Mostly when I’m outside, experiencing the resting silence all around me. I get an ache deep down inside me. I am always blown away when I realize the summer solstice is upon us and the days will begin to get shorter, where did the time and light go? I love the fall so its not a feeling of dread. I think it harkens back to the days when humans needed to know that the cycle was turning. It’s a warning that action is needed, except in our modern society that action isn’t really necessary. I wish it were.

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