Loving Her. For Women Who Love Women.



Author’s Note: This blog goes out respectfully to the women who have lived a life of loving men, but whose search for their own truth has lead them into the arms of a woman. I applaud your courage, and your journey into the unknown.


I fell in love with her.

I did not mean to, but she walked into my life with such beauty and grace that my heart was stirred the second I saw her.

At first, I was intrigued. I followed her with my eyes.

She was tenderly present, in the way only women can be, her inner loveliness spilled out and surrounded her every move.

Surprised at my feelings, I searched my heart for what had lain dormant for years; my body humming with desire, my soul thirsty for a chance to live a life more authentic.

What right did I have to explore this now?

What explanations would need to be given for my sudden fall into this delicious abyss?

With a fast beating heart I decided to leave it be. This was craziness. No-one would understand.

Then she smiled at me, and I, throwing caution to the wind, invited her to share my table, coffee cup trembling my hand.

More words here…http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/06/when-i-met-you-i-found-me-hey-im-not-hetero/





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