Spring Tonic Soup and Salad for the Senses.

I believe in eating with the seasons.

Our bodies are naturally conditioned to craving root vegetables and foods that insulate us from the cold during winter months.

Now that spring is here, by instinct, we seek out early greens to stimulate our metabolism into releasing any extra pounds and toxins we may have accumulated.

I like to cleanse my liver and kidneys during the early months of March through May, by eating soups and salads that include bitter tasting herbs and greens. ‘Bitter’ is a taste we tend to avoid, and is missing from our modern diets to a great degree.

When ‘bitter’ hits our tongue, the body reacts with a release of bile, stimulating our digestion, which is also beneficial to the gallbladder.

I’ve been cooking a spring cleansing soup religiously for years now and serving it with a salad that rocks the palate. Initially, this recipe was passed down from a friend. Later I found a version in ‘The Savory Way’ by Deborah Madison. My recipe is a blend of both, and you can feel free to adjust as you wish.

I hope you like it as much as I do. To your health!

Recipe here: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/05/spring-tonic-soup-salad-for-the-senses-vegan/









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