Words of Hope for Nepal


You don’t know me…in the literal sense

And I don’t know you…in the physical sense
But we don’t need that, do we?

For me to feel your pain and you to receive my compassion
I sit comfortably in my room while you sit under rubble and uncertainty
And my hand is too far away to reach yours.

But my heart is bursting with what I wish I could do for you
What can I send you that will reach across space and time?

What can I say that will clear the mist over your sacred mountains and filter into your awareness?
In this moment…I have prayers sent on the westerly wind
I have a heart that beats with hope for your loved ones
I have hands that can pack a parcel for your most urgent needs
I have devoted moments to meditation, my spirit joining yours while you lift your face to the sky and seek answers to the tragedy you face.

I have a renewed sense of urgency to fill my days with love and mindful activity so that collectively we can all live with more of what really matters
I have dreams of the joy you will feel when your days are righted once more and your family sits around you, cups of tea in hand
I have visions of simple things, like temple bells ringing a peaceful tune
I have ears to hear your relief when food and water and blankets come dropping from the sky, and to rejoice with you

I have resources to spare, and I send them to you with an open heart.

Can you hear me, Nepal?

My eyes are teary, my heart is full, my lungs fill deep so I might send you this love note on my breath.

Breath is what connects us

Let us breathe, together, for what will surely bring you solace

Together, we can make it through

Hold my hand. There, can you feel that?

Together, we can make it through.

from http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/04/can-you-hear-me-nepal-poem-of-hope/


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