We’ll need to Break up with Forever to Stay Together.

The forever thing.

It’s too long, clearly. No-one has that kind of staying power.

What does it mean, anyway?

I don’t think we’ve thought it through, when we’ve pledged forever, but it’s romantic, I suppose. It brings up images of blissful years spent canoodling together in bed, dreamy canoe rides at sunset, long walks in the countryside holding hands, and finally, a scene on the front porch rocking in a swing built for two, our bodies and faces etched by time, aged but still hanging on to our promise of forever.

But that’s not forever. Forever means, well…much past that lifetime and several others and then more lives and then…forever. It’s difficult to picture even. By then, we might be quite done with each other and wishing that time had an end.

More…..@ http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/04/well-need-to-break-up-with-forever-in-order-to-stay-together/

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