What she Wants in Bed: 5 Tips for the Artful Lover. {Adult}

It has occurred to me that we are still somewhat shy to ask for what our pussies need.

In speaking to my circle of sisters, I’ve understood that we crave a lover who will appreciate the journey to that most delightful place.

After all, while men need visual stimulation, women often cite the emotional journey, words and seduction as the way to best stimulate their pussy. We might not have the luxury that Cleopatra once enjoyed of personal assistants (okay, they were eunuchs) who massaged, pampered and titillated her for hours before she allowed herself to be brought to orgasm, but we can certainly lead our lovers to experience our most tender bits with greater appreciation.

This piece, in particular, speaks of love between a woman and a man, but it can easily apply to a female lover. Or, even as a reminder to ourselves of how to speak up for our pussy. She is, after all, a sacred part of who we are. As much as our minds and personalities attract a partner, and sex is not always on our agenda, why not make it good when a lover comes calling?

Please read on…a little bit bold…nudity…..http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/03/what-she-wants-in-bed-5-tips-for-the-artful-lover-adult/

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