What Then?

What then……

Of stormy nights and balmy evenings

Of walks in the woods and windy mornings

What do I know of these

When thoughts are painful and breaths are laboured

And steps taken have led me to this place of anger

What then will I love, what then will I cherish

Of dreams I am made and from dreams I will perish

They haunt me and taunt me

These things that I long for

Un-real, unrealistic, unsettled AM I

Just sane enough to know that sanity is not mine

Yet storm clouds do gather, the wind it does bother

To stir my gypsy soul

I walk into darkness, once again I feel my nakedness

My soul stirs into the mystic

The life I am born to

I live for the edge, for the clouds and the steps that lead me further into

What then?

© Monika Carless


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