A Lesson in Silence Through Reiki

I was initiated into Level Three Reiki today by my good friend and soul sister. She participated in a meditation with me before she transferred the symbol I would use in my furthered Reiki walk. Silence spoke to me as she worked her magic over me. Here are a few words that moved me from my training.

‘From silence come true revelations, from that still, inner voice. If we want that voice to speak to us, we must place silence within us, because it is the voice of silence. If we are attentive, before each great undertaking of our life, we feel a soft voice guiding us. It speaks softly, without insisting, it says things once, twice, three times. And then it is quiet. If we do not hear this voice it is because we only hear the noise. It is only in the silence of thoughts and feelings that we receive the answer from the Higher Self, from Spirit.

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