First Quarter Moon

The time of the Waxing moon, always appropriate for thoughts, activities and spells focused on new beginnings.

I’ve been focusing lately on the co-operative nature of magic. To be honest, the impression of magic I was given as a child and young adult through movies and novels, could not have made me less cognizant of the fact that I was to become less the ‘worker of magic’ and more the ‘channel of magic.’ 

If I was worth my salt as a wise woman, I should stomp about  shouting my orders to the powers that be, demanding this or that, moving and shaking the elements, bending the wind to my will, and all that. After all, Jesus did it. If he had not risen from his proverbial grave, he would be rolling around in it, shouting…”No, no, that is NOT what I did at all!”

Actually, should we not be impressed with Jesus’s astounding acts as an alchemist and hermetic?

But, I digress. What has this to do with the New Moon?

As the energy of the moon picks up, moving from dark to light, we can discern how our own energy is also on the rise. Time to dust off our brooms, our crystals, our sometimes downward spiraling moods and recognize the access that we have to that self organizing flow of manifestation buried deep within our consciousness.

Flow with the moon towards the brighter light of creating what you want this month to be. After all, you are the mistress/master of your own destiny, much as we resist that thought. I do admit, it seemed easier when I left the mundane chore of masterminding my days to a higher power, but then I woke up from the delirium and thanked Goddess for prodding me into action on my own behalf.

New Moon rising. What a blessing. Let’s Dance!




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