First Quarter Moon

January 7, 2013, first quarter moon. Eight days until the first full moon of the year.

It is the time of the long coldness, and this is particularly true in the place where I live, an area for great snow and right now, temperatures dipping down to minus 40 C.

We have received perhaps five feet of snow since December. Beautiful and excellent for all the winter sporting folk who live around here, it has certainly been a landscape especially pleasing to the moon, being the best sort of backdrop for it’s ethereal light.

The spells appropriate for this time should revolve around home and family. I have noticed that the light of the sun has already made a big difference in how my day unfolds. It is no longer pitch dark at 5 in the evening! I can put off the dog’s last walk till then while three weeks ago we went out at 4:30. The light of the moon has also wakened the amorous activities of the owls, who are now mating and signalling the very first inklings of spring. I think that people are also feeling a rise in energy, and activities that seemed too difficult to embrace a few weeks ago seem suddenly possible.

When making magic at this time, you could make the first moon water of the year, start a new white candle, and work spells that require an increase in energy, whether that means something requiring more funds, more physical activity or a more stirred up imagination. Whichever, you can seek advice and aid from several goddesses. The Moon as Mother will do, Cerridwen, Arduinna, or Rhiannon.

Last but not least, tend to any wellness issues that need tending. Start the year with best foot forward. It’s all onwards and upwards from here.

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